New version of Advanced EFS Data Recovery has been released

In new version of Advanced EFS Data Recovery were made the following improvements:
- wizard has been implemented
- seriously improved key decryption speed
- increased file decryption speed: for AES encryption: in 60 times,  for DESX encryption: in 11 times, for 3DES encryption: in 2,5 times
- decrypting files that are larger than 4Gb
- added support for NTFS disks with MFT size other than 1024 bytes
- complete support for UNICODE systems (like Chinese and Japanese)
- excluding disks that have been already scanned
- automatic selection of system disk to scan for keys
- automatic selection of files that can be decrypted
- when no files can be decrypted, file selection buttons are inactive now

Following problems were fixed:
- processing subst'ed drives
- problems with large fonts settings
- crash when program starts
- problems on decrypting files that are larger than 1,7 Gb (DESX and 3DES) or 367 Mb (AES)
- error on decrypting zero-sized files
- error message on scan for encrypted files (while actually there is no error)

For more information, free trial download please visit Advanced EFS Data Recovery product page.