Corporate News

27 November, 2019

iOS Forensic Toolkit 5.20 adds future-proof file system extraction support for Apple devices with checkra1n jailbreak

Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit 5.20 is updated with file system extraction support for select Apple devices running all versions of iOS from iOS 12 to iOS 13.3. Making use of the new future-proof bootrom exploit built into the checkra1n jailbreak, EIFT is able to extract the full file system image, decrypt passwords and authentication credentials stored in the iOS keychain.

14 November, 2019

ElcomSoft Phone Breaker 9.30 is out with new iCloud engine, low-level iCloud Drive access, iOS 13.2 and macOS Catalina support

Elcomsoft Phone Breaker 9.30 delivers a new iCloud downloading engine and low-level access to iCloud Drive data. Thanks to the new iCloud engine, the tool can download backups produced by devices running all versions of iOS up to iOS 13.2. The new and improved iCloud downloading engine, the new iCloud Drive analysis core and the many bug fixes make EPB 9.30 a highly recommended update.

1 October, 2019

Elcomsoft Phone Breaker 9.20 extracts Screen Time passwords and Voice Memos from iCloud

Elcomsoft Phone Breaker 9.20 expands the list of supported data categories, adding iOS Screen Time and Voice Memos. Screen Time passwords and some additional information can be extracted from iCloud along with other synchronized data, while Voice Memos can be extracted from local and cloud backups and iCloud synchronized data.

6 September, 2019

Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit 5.10 with iOS 12.2 and 12.4 file system acquisition

Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit 5.10 is updated to support physical acquisition of Apple devices running iOS 12.2 and 12.4. The tool extracts the full file system and decrypts passwords and authentication credentials stored in the iOS keychain.

29 August, 2019

Elcomsoft Phone Viewer 4.60 reveals Restrictions and Screen Time passwords, decrypts Signal history

Elcomsoft Phone Viewer can now recover and display Restrictions and Screen Time passwords when analysing iOS local backups. In addition, EPV 4.60 decrypts and displays conversation histories in Signal, one of the world’s most secure messaging apps.

8 August, 2019

Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer 2.20 Fixes Google Photos Support, Downloads More Historical Data

Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer 2.20 boosts the number of data types available for acquisition, fixes support for Google Photos and speeds up Photos downloading speed by enabling pre-filtering. In addition, we’ve switched from Google Maps to OpenStreetMap for showing you the user’s location history.

25 July, 2019

ElcomSoft Phone Breaker 9.15 supports iOS 13 and iPadOS beta, extracts iCloud tokens from macOS

Elcomsoft Phone Breaker 9.15 adds the ability to download iCloud backups created with iPhone and iPad devices running iOS 13 and iPadOS beta. In addition, the tool is now able to extract fully-featured iCloud authentication tokens from macOS computers.

4 June, 2019

ElcomSoft Phone Breaker 9.10 fixes iCloud backups downloading for iOS 11.2-12.4

Elcomsoft Phone Breaker 9.10 introduces experimental support for iCloud backups created with iPhone and iPad devices running iOS 11.2 through 12.4 even if two-factor authentication is enabled. In addition, the tool is now able to access the complete set of iCloud synchronized data from Windows computers.

16 May, 2019

Elcomsoft Phone Viewer 4.50 adds data export support, allows evidence analysis in external tools

Elcomsoft Phone Viewer is updated to enable the exporting of digital evidence collected from iOS device backups, iCloud and file system images to Microsoft Excel. The ability to export data enables experts to continue the investigation in their forensic product of choice.

25 April, 2019

Elcomsoft System Recovery 6.0 Extracts Hibernation Files and Data to Break Full Disk Encryption Passwords

Elcomsoft System Recovery 6.0 is a major update with enhanced full-disk encryption support. The update makes it easy to process full-disk encryption by simply booting from a flash drive. The tool automatically detects full-disk encryption, extracting and saving information required to brute-force passwords to encrypted volumes. In addition, the tool can save the system’s hibernation file to the flash drive for subsequent extraction of decryption keys for accessing encrypted volumes.