Advanced Intuit Password Recovery 3.13 supports Quicken 2021/2022 and QuickBooks 2022/2023

Elcomsoft Advanced Intuit Password Recovery 3.13 is an incremental update, adding support for Quicken 2021 and 2022, and QuickBooks 2022 and 2023. The new release accommodates for the changes in data formats and encryption in the latest versions of Intuit apps. In addition, the tool improves Windows 11 compatibility and includes essential bug fixes.

Advanced Intuit Password Recovery 3.13 gets the ability to recover passwords protecting Intuit Quicken 2021/2022 documents. Passwords protecting QuickBooks 2022 and 2023 databases can be instantly reset. Quicken/QuickBooks are some of the most popular accounting packages used by businesses and at home. Evidence extracted from Quicken and QuickBooks documents can be invaluable for an investigation.

Modern versions of Quicken employ strong encryption. Advanced Intuit Password Recovery implements a range of highly customizable attacks, allowing using dictionaries with popular mutations to recover the original, plain-text password. Advanced Intuit Password Recovery makes use of consumer-grade video cards to run GPU-accelerated attacks to recover the original Quicken passwords faster. Password-protected QuickBooks databases can be unlocked instantly.

Supported products now include Quicken versions 2006 through 2022, QuickBooks versions 2006 through 2023, which includes most non-US versions and international versions of Quicken and QuickBooks.

Release notes:

  • Added support for Quicken 2021 and Quicken 2022 (password recovery)
  • Added support for QuickBooks 2022 and QuickBooks 2023 (instant unlock)
  • Fixed QuickBooks file corruption on password unlock for some specific files
  • Improved Windows 11 compatibility

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