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ElcomSoft Password Recovery Bundle

Completely Recover All Kinds of Passwords

A complete suite of ElcomSoft password recovery tools allows corporate and government customers to unprotect disks and systems and decrypt files and documents protected with popular applications. Based on in-house tests as well as feedback from ElcomSoft valuable customers, these password recovery tools are the fastest on the market, the easiest to use and the least expensive.

Designed for nVidia CUDA Enhanced of Intel Core


  • Industry certified: Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Intel Software Partner, NVIDIA Developer Support
  • Broad compatibility: recovers document and system passwords to various file formats
  • GPU acceleration: patented technology reduces password recovery time by a factor of 50 (up to; click to see comparison chart)
  • Linear scalability: allows using a number of multi-core and multi-processor workstations connected over a LAN or the Internet with linear increase of recovery speed
  • Minimum bandwidth utilization and zero scalability overhead
  • Flexible queue control and easy job management
  • Remote management of password recovery workstations
  • Completely traceable: keeps track of CPU time and resource utilization, password recovery jobs and user activities

Revolutionary Inventions

ElcomSoft has pioneered many software innovations that have made it easier to recover lost passwords from the operating system, Microsoft Office products, Adobe PDF files, ZIP and RAR archives, and a variety of other applications. The latest development revolutionizes the speed of password recovery without requiring expensive hardware.

Certain ElcomSoft password recovery applications employ a revolutionary, patented technology to accelerate password recovery when a compatible NVIDIA graphics card is present in addition to the CPU-only mode. Currently supporting all GPGPU-capable NVIDIA and AMD boards, the GPU acceleration technology offloads parts of computational-heavy processing onto the fast and highly scalable processors featured in the NVIDIA’s latest graphic accelerators.

Fifty Times Faster than Competitors

The GPU acceleration is patented (U.S. Pat. No. 7,787,629 and 7,929,707) and unique to ElcomSoft password recovery products, making password recovery up to 50 times faster compared to traditional password recovery methods that only use the computer’s main CPU.

Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery Benchmark with GPU Acceleration

Elcomsoft Wireless Security Auditor Benchmark with GPU Acceleration

High Technology

Elcomsoft Password Recovery Bundle allows corporate customers, IT support administrators, forensic and law enforcement officials to gain access to various password-protected documents. The password recovery suite features the latest and most advanced cryptanalysis algorithms developed by ElcomSoft Research department.

Instant Unlock and Password Recovery

Elcomsoft Password Recovery Bundle is capable of instantly recovering passwords for a wide range of business and office applications, text processors, spreadsheets, database management programs, office suites, email clients, instant messengers, etc. Over a hundred different file formats and types of password encryption methods can be recovered instantly.

Broad Compatibility

Recover passwords to a variety of office documents, archives, encrypting file systems, Windows and email accounts, and remove many more types of password protection.

Competitive Pricing

Elcomsoft Password Recovery Bundle is priced competitively as compared to ordering ElcomSoft products separately. Volume discounts are available. The Competitive Upgrade policy makes it possible to obtain Elcomsoft Password Recovery Bundle as an upgrade of a competitive password recovery suite (contact us for detailed information).

Your order includes one year of free technical support and one year of free upgrades.

Ordering information

You can order fully registered version of Password Recovery Bundle by credit card (online or by fax), with check/money order, by bank/write transfer or with purchase order. We offer three editons of the bundle: Standard, Forensic and Business, with the different number of licenses for individual password recovery programs included, and different licenses on Proactive Password Auditor and Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, and JCB. When you pay by credit card, your order will be processed immediately. Postal mail shipments are initiated immediately. Products available electronically are generally ready for download immediately, or no more than 48 hours after you place your order.

Using the online order form, you can also order the software with Solo/Switch/Maestro (only if issued in UK), by Bank/Wire Transfer, Online wire transfer (applicable only for orders placed within Germany in Euro), by Check (we accept all personal, business, and Cashier's checks) or Cash.

Online orders are processed automatically and therefore more quickly than orders placed by fax, e-mail, or phone, because processing is not dependent on our customer service center's business hours. But alternatively, you can order with Purchase Order.

Compatibility Chart

Standard EditionForensic EditionBusiness Edition
Advanced Archive Password Recovery Professional Edition1110
Advanced EFS Data Recovery Professional Edition1110
Advanced IM Password Recovery1110
Advanced Intuit Password Recovery1110
Advanced Lotus Password Recovery1110
Advanced Mailbox Password Recovery1110
Advanced Office Password BreakerProfessional EditionEnterprise EditionEnterprise Edition
Advanced Office Password Recovery Professional Edition1110
Advanced PDF Password RecoveryProfessional EditionEnterprise EditionEnterprise Edition
Advanced SQL Password Recovery1110
Advanced Sage Password Recovery1110
Advanced WordPerfect Office Password Recovery1110
ElcomSoft Distributed Password RecoveryUp to 5 clientsUp to 20 clientsUp to 100 clients
Elcomsoft Blackberry Backup Explorer Professional Edition-110
Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp Standard Edition-110
Elcomsoft Forensic Disk Decryptor-11
Elcomsoft Internet Password Breaker Standard Edition1110
Elcomsoft Password Digger Standard Edition-110
Elcomsoft Phone Breaker Forensic Edition-11
Elcomsoft Phone Viewer Standard Edition-110
Elcomsoft System RecoveryStandard EditionProfessional EditionProfessional Edition
Elcomsoft Wireless Security Auditor Professional Edition-11
Proactive Password Auditor-100 user accounts500 user accounts
Proactive System Password Recovery1110

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