Advanced Intuit Password Recovery 3.11 breaks Quicken 2020 and QuickBooks 2021 passwords

Advanced Intuit Password Recovery 3.11 received an incremental update, adding support for the latest Intuit apps. The updated release can recover passwords protecting Quicken 2020 files, and instantly unprotect QuickBooks 2021 databases.

Advanced Intuit Password Recovery 3.11 was updated with support for the latest versions of Intuit apps. The new release adds the ability to run GPU-accelerated attacks on encryption passwords protecting Quicken 2020 files. In addition, the tool can now instantly remove password protection from QuickBooks 2021 databases regardless of the length and complexity of the password.

Intuit Quicken is one of the oldest tools of its kind. Over the years, Quicken had become the de facto standard for accounting, tax reporting and personal finance management in North America.

For Quicken 2020 suite, Advanced Intuit Password Recovery 3.11 delivers the recovery speed of 35,000 password iterations per second using a single 4-core Intel CPU. GPU-assisted attacks run at the speed of 1.2 million passwords per second on a single NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 board, of 2.7 million passwords per second on a single Tesla P100 GPU.

The recovery speed in the low millions p/s is considered extremely high compared to other modern office suites. As a comparison, one can only try about 8,700 passwords per second when breaking Microsoft Office 2016-2019 documents using the same GeForce GTX 1080 board. The high speed of the attack enables recovering reasonably complex passwords with plain brute force, even without resorting to smarter attacks. The use of dictionary attacks and mutations allows finding even the more complex passwords in reasonable time. If the password was not discovered, the use of Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery is recommended for even faster attacks.

In addition to Quicken, Advanced Intuit Password Recovery 3.11 adds the ability to reset QuickBooks 2021 passwords. The QuickBooks database can be protected with a master password, while every user account is protected with their own password. Advanced Intuit Password Recovery 3.11 can instantly reset the master password or any of the user passwords, enabling access to the entire database.

New in this release:

  • Added support for Quicken 2020
  • Added support for QuickBooks 2021
  • Fixed the issue with QuickBooks password reset

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