Elcomsoft Phone Breaker 8.20 Extracts More Synced Data Including Wi-Fi and Apple Maps

Elcomsoft Phone Breaker 8.20 adds the ability to extract additional types of data synced by iOS devices through iCloud. The newly available types of data include user and account data; information about Wi-Fi networks; routes, searches and icons from Apple Maps, as well as Wallet and iBooks data. Elcomsoft Phone Viewer is also updated to display the additional categories.

Elcomsoft Phone Breaker receives an update, adding the ability to extract several types of iOS synced data from the user’s iCloud account. The newly available types of data include user’s account info, information about Wi-Fi access points, and select data from Apple Maps, Wallet and iBooks apps.

iOS Synced Data

Apple can automatically sync information across the user’s devices running iOS and macOS. This sync allows users to access many types of data on any device they have in their Apple Account. Things such as Safari bookmarks and browsing history, calendars, notes, Wi-Fi passwords, and even call logs can be synchronized across the user’s Apple devices in nearly real-time fashion.

The iCloud synchronization mechanism is separate from and works in addition to iCloud system backups. Compared to iCloud backups, synced data is available more readily, and appears in iCloud just moments after the user performs a certain action.

Elcomsoft Phone Breaker can automatically extract synced data from the user’s iCloud account just moments after they arrive. The user’s iCloud/Apple ID authentication credentials are required to access iCloud data. Elcomsoft Phone Breaker can use a combination of Apple ID and password (with two-factor authentication support) or an authentication token extracted from the user’s computer. When using authentication tokens for accessing synced iCloud data, neither the password nor the secondary authentication factor is required. When used for accessing synced data, iCloud authentication tokens do not carry a defined expiry date.

The following new types of synchronized data are available:

  • Account/User info, including the user’s physical address, email accounts and phone numbers
  • Wi-Fi information including access point names, MAC-addresses, and devices that added the access point
  • Apple Maps, including routes, searches and bookmarks
  • Wallet: everything except credit card data
  • iBooks: manually added books and documents

The update is free of charge to all customers who purchased or renewed their Elcomsoft Phone Breaker or Elcomsoft Mobile Forensic Bundle license within one year. Discounted renewal is available to customers whose maintenance plan has already expired.

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