Elcomsoft Phone Breaker 5.30

In this update, Elcomsoft Phone Breaker gets crash recovery support, resuming attacks automatically from the last auto-save position instead of restarting from the beginning. Version 5.30 gains the ability to seamlessly transfer the current job to a different computer should the user decide to continue performing the attack on another PC. In addition, users can now modify attacks on the fly without having to re-start from the beginning. The update significantly improves Windows Phone acquisition by speeding up OneNote download. For iCloud attacks, Elcomsoft Phone Breaker can now automatically accept Apple's updated Terms and Conditions, allowing the tool to continue operation where previous versions would fail with a "T&C Changed" error. Also, the new version is fully compatible with iOS 9.3, which includes accounts with two-step verification. Finally, you can now launch Elcomsoft Phone Viewer and open downloaded backups in just one click.

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