New versions of iOS Forensic Toolkit and Elcomsoft Phone Password Breaker are now available

Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit has been updated to version 1.21. The new version provides more flexibility on cracking the passcode in 'Guided' mode (allowing you to detect the passcode type, or perform the brute-force or dictionary attack with selected options); before, this feature was available in 'Manual' mode only. The other update eliminates entering the 'root' password (on jailbroken devices) every time -- now you need to do it just once or twice (then, trusted ssh connection is established). A few minor bugs have been fixed as well: improper detection of some old devices; the conflict between our tools and some 3rd party libraries that might be installed on your Mac; processing the wordlists during the dictionary attacks. The latest version of iTunes (11.1) is now supported.

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Elcomsoft Phone Password Breaker has been updated to version 2.20. We have found that with iOS 7, some files in iCloud backups (such as application-specific data, e.g. WhatsApp and Viber databases) use additional encryption, and EPPB was not able to decrypt them. Besides, Manifest.mbdb file was not reconstructed correctly (also for iOS 7 backups), so some 3rd party tools (such as iBackupBot) were not able to parse some information from iCloud backups (downloaded with EPPB). Now fixed. This release also shows iOS version number in the list of available backups, and fixes a few minor problems (such as with non-English characters in the path to download backups to).

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